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Wie werde ich Nichtraucher ?



The blue vapor, which transports tar, arrears of burned paper and various chemical additives with each course into the alveoli of the smoker, is harmful beyond the borders of the answer - point!

If you want to really stop with smoking, you are to make yourselves first completely clear that you want to stop in any case. Their reasons for it can be differentiation, .... - health trouble, lack of money, cancer, sleep disturbances, and and ....

They should also leave themselves time at this thought to keep firm, but however not too long, - otherwise it misses.

Each day has I the time calculates for me as a smoker still remained ever firmer and my decision became. You need to develop this time also around combat readiness against itself. It is clearly - their body already for a long time to nicotine got accustomed, thus - without fight it will not give a smoking up! But it remains for the time being still unclear, who the winner will be!

If you ask yourselves, how you can conclusion-make with smoking, I can perhaps help them. My name is Wadim Kreter. I was even 16 years long smoker, and smoke since
8 years not at all more, and has to begin also no desire again. Even the smoke became for me provoking and unpleasant. I created it!

I would like to give them here a few Tipps, how I that had made. It cost me much strength and nerves, but - I am nonsmoker!

Why are you again from the beginning to start and alone fight out? I already went through the way before you before 5 years. My Tipps helps certainly you! Make it now exactly the same, as I made it. It is completely simple! With my assistance you create it also!


Want you to perhaps know   is your nicotine dependence how strong?     

Want you to perhaps know  how compatible are you and your partner?

Want you to perhaps know  do you drink too much?


I recommend also some books  for  nonsmoker

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                                                                My Tipps!